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Our Services

FPA Private Wealth Management offers guidance in a number of areas:

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning and implementation using our boutique methodology developed over 45 years, reduces associated stress and significantly increases the potential for positive outcomes.

Financial Planning

Sophisticated financial plans are created for you and your personal circumstances, and presented in a clear and understandable manner.

Wealth Management

Wealth management customized to our clients specific and individual requirements.

Estate & Tax Planning

Estate and inheritance planning, tax issues, business continuity, and liquidity are many of the facets that are identified and addressed with a view to providing a resolution. FPA’s utilization of insurance is often an essential component of an effective plan.

Team Approach

By including clients and their professional advisors in providing tailored solutions, allows for an efficient combination of specialized advice to achieve your desired outcome.


Independent institutional resources utilized for all investment management, insurance, custodial, and reporting purposes.

Our Mission

To place the interests and well-being of our clients ahead of anything else. Enhancement of the wealth of existing and prospective clients, while at all times striving to maintain as a priority the preservation of their capital.

FPA Private Wealth Management's primary focus is to assist our high net-worth clients with all of the unique aspects of their financial requirements. This intensely client-centered discipline, which is an inherent value of our Firm, reinforces our commitment to the achievement of an exceptional level of client satisfaction.

Neither Osaic Wealth, Inc., nor its registered representatives or employees, offer tax or legal advice.

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