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Our Mission - Your Expectations Fulfilled

Mission Statement - To place the interests and well-being of our clients ahead of anything else.

Enhancement of the wealth of existing and prospective clients, while at all times striving to maintain as a priority the preservation of their capital.

FPA Private Wealth Management's primary focus is to assist our high net-worth clients with all of the unique aspects of their financial requirements. This intensely client-centered discipline, which is an inherent value of our Firm, reinforces our commitment to the achievement of an exceptional level of client satisfaction.

At all times, our firms’ philosophy of placing the client first is consistently maintained as a priority. Our major source of our business is derived from referrals, either through our existing client base or their professional advisors. We believe our commitment to this core operating procedure has been a contributing factor in allowing for client relationships that span multiple generations.

It supports the conviction that, as experienced financial professionals specializing in relating to our clients’ current and future values and aspirations, our best efforts are enhanced in the continual process of seeking to fully understand the specific and unique aspects of each clients situation. Over 40 years of experience in many different financial and economic conditions has allowed, in our opinion, for long-term relationships, a goal to which we persistently aspire in the continual quest for the potential of achieving desired results.